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Thinking of subscribing? Don’t take our word for it.




“I've been teaching PE for 16 years and School Sport Magazine is the first and only publication that I actually read because I want read it. It’s not just selected articles either. Everything in there is relevant, interesting and topical. The extensive coverage of all national competitions and the articles on a life in the week of, state and independent schools are also worth reading. The editorial team are very approachable, supportive and generous. They publish what you say and not what they want. Everyone at School Sport Magazine is on exactly the same wavelength as all of us PE teachers. I just love reading about other schools' facilities, provision for sport, famous or interesting staff, sports tours, unique achievements etc. When our school featured as a successful state sports school, our headmaster asked why I'd never shown him the magazine before. Now he's a subscriber too.”

John Deadman - Dr Challoner's Grammar School


"School Sport Magazine is refreshing and informative and acts as a catalyst for discussions in common rooms around the country. From individual diaries, to school reviews and updates on national competitions, School Sport Magazine is the primary school sport resource in this country. Long may it continue.”

Aly Osborne - Whitgift School


“As a head of department, it is great to be kept up to date with new initiatives with school sport. We all went into teaching to make a difference to our pupils so the sharing of ideas and being made aware of any changes or concerns is a real help and School Sport Magazine does just this.”

Liam Kane – Kings College School, Wimbledon


“School Sport Magazine rarely stays on the PE staffroom table for long. It provides some really topical talking points amongst PE staff. We particularly like the review of national schools competitions and the ‘life in the week’ feature. The regular information bulletins on minibus driving always provide a source for a healthy debate at break times.”

Ian Breeze - Dame Alice Owen's School


“We are delighted with School Sport Magazine. It is so relevant to all we do in PE. Keep up the good work.”

Chris Moore - Queen's School, Chester


“Your excellent publication keeps me up to date with a wide range of sporting developments. You provide an informative magazine but are also prepared to take on board serious issues involving school sport. School Sport magazine is now in my opinion an essential part of any physical education department that is aspiring towards excellence. Long may you continue to publish.”

Martyn Rock – Stafford Sports College


“School Sport Magazine has very interesting articles. We especially like the ones relating to individual school experiences on how they run their sport as well as topical issues.”

Trevor Barker – QEGS Wakefield


“I find your magazine first class and always enjoy reading it.”

Colin Holman - Woodcote House School


National governing bodies


“Rounders England have been advertising with School Sport Magazine for many years. The publication is the most cost-effective method for us to use, to raise awareness of the work we undertake and the competitions that we host within the full spectrum of the education sector. School Sport Magazine helps us reach a new target audience, one that would otherwise be beyond our reach.” Julia Rice. Rounders England


“Many congratulation on a magazine, which just gets better and better. Very informative, excellent results service and tackles many of the important issues, which need an airing. More power to your elbow.”

Ken Lake – English Schools Cricket Association


“The English Schools' Table Tennis Association places the importance of communication high on its priority list. If any sport is to grow, it needs to communicate directly with new audiences. Since its inception, School Sport Magazine has provided a vehicle to reach out to the wider school population through its readiness to report on all of our activities and developmental projects. Not only has it regularly reported, it has reported well. The Editor and his staff are to be congratulated.”

John Arnold - English Schools Table Tennis Association


“We enjoy working with School Sport Magazine. They have been very supportive in helping promote our products and programmes and it’s always an interesting read and to catch up on developments across the school sport sector.”

Tom Gibbins – Tennis Foundation


“The Schools Amateur Boxing Association realises that sport can and does change lives. School Sport Magazine is a powerful tool in helping to change young people’s lives.

All involved enjoy reading reports about their participation in sport. School Sport Magazine has filled a market gap by informing schools about good practice and developments. Reporting about school sport informs, educates and most importantly motivates. This has most certainly been the case with schools boxing. Publicity is an important ingredient in the success of any activity and the Schools Amateur Boxing Association is grateful for the support of School Sport Magazine. Staff at the Sobell Sports Centre in Islington, London, have read School Sport Magazine reports about schools boxing and as a result have invited SABA to work in partnership with them. SABA will now begin to work in London.”

Frank Collinson – Schools Amateur Boxing Association


“The English Schools’ Football Association is a regular contributor to School Sport Magazine. The magazine is a very good vehicle not only for the Association to post important inter-school, inter-district, inter-county and international results but also allows us to advertise for our commercial sponsors. All the Association members are either teachers or retired teachers, mostly with a physical education background, who find the articles on all school sports to be interesting and informative. Whilst curriculum physical education has partially moved away from sport in favour of health and fitness, it is good to have a magazine which is dedicated to all those teachers who give up their time to continue this countries high regard for school sports. Best wishes for your 9th year.”

John Read – English Schools Football Association


Thinking of advertising?

Don’t take our word for it.




“It is a pleasure working with School Sport Magazine. The publication is wholly relevant to our target audience. Its content gels well with our brand ethos and it has the breadth of reach we’re looking for. They are also responsive and helpful in all our communications, which always makes things that much simpler and easier.” Sarah Taylor, marketing manager, Squadkit/Schoolblazer


School Sport Magazine opens up potential partnership agreements with educational establishments from all sectors. The ability to get a message like…we are UK and our leadtimes are really quick…via the magazine is proving invaluable.

Peter Kennedy – O’Neills New Business Manager


“As a small sports specialist company, we spend most of our time and effort looking after our school and retail customers. Because of a lack of time and resources, raising awareness of who we are and what we do is increasingly difficult. Our friends at School Sport Magazine add real value in helping us to plan our advertising schedule and spread the word to other potential customers. We highly recommend their services to others.” Paul Franklin, director, Martin Berrill Sports


“At, we have many years of experience solving the sports and play issues that schools commonly face and understand their ever-tightening budgetary requirements. School Sport Magazine provides with an invaluable source of relevant industry news and information to ensure we remain up to date, alongside an excellent platform to connect with our customers through advertising.” Robert Boyd –


“School Sport Magazine is a clearly focused publication with interesting articles covering a wide range of sports. Advertising is charged for at rates which small companies such as ours can afford. Most importantly advertising is hassle free with no high pressure telephone marketing as with a number of other magazines.”

John Wilkinson – Aresson Sports


“Ten years after I ended my teaching career, I came across School Sport Magazine while waiting for a director of sport to discuss tours and touring. I had but a few seconds to flick through the pages, but even this was enough to make me look for a copy as soon as possible. A closer read of the magazine pleased me very much. Elitism was confined to athletic performance. The grand independent schools were given their due, but no more than any other school. Always the performer (s) were central to an article, a (very) wide range of sports were covered in every edition and the details of fixtures, results and upcoming events were comprehensive. In just about every edition, there seemed an ongoing philosophy that sport enables people to develop and evolve far more than it is given credit for.”

Mike Williams – Intoursport World Travel