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15 Ways For You To Feature in School Sport Magazine


We're always looking for people and schools to take part in the many regular features in School Sport Magazine. Just take a look at the super selection below and email [email protected] if you would like to get involved.


1. Our Life In The Week Of diary feature (a seven day Monday to Sunday diary with 100ish words a day on your sporting day both in and out of school, first-person present tense, your thoughts on the day, serious, fly-on-the-wall, humorous etc)


2. Nominate a sporting pupil to take part in our Pupil Diary (a seven day Monday to Sunday diary with 60-80 words a day on their sporting day both in and out of school, first-person present tense)


3. My Sporting View. A chance to write 700-800 words about any issue, sport or subject affecting school sport that you feel strongly about..


4. My Sporting Life. A fun q & a about your life in sport.


5. I Teach...And Play For My Country. We're looking for people who combine a teaching career with playing for their country (it doesn't matter in what sport).


6. Did you teach or coach a talented pupil who went onto international success? We want to hear from you to take part in an occasional but fascinating We taught...   q & a.


7. A sports teacher abroad. Do you teach sports and PE abroad or have you returning from teaching abroad? Get in touch for our occasional feature.


8. Sports swap. Are you a sports or PE teacher of head of department. We are looking for reachers in neighbouring state and independent schools to swap places for a day and talk about your experiences.


9. Are you a primary school proud of your sporting provision? Take part in our regular Why primary sport is important to us feature.


10. Are you particularly proud of your school's national success in a particular sport? Then take part in our regular Secrets Of Our Success q & a.


11. Take part in our occasional My Best and Worst PE/Games Lesson feature. Just email us between 600 and 800 words in total on your best and worst lessons.


12. Don't be shy. Tell us about your progress or success in county, regional or national competitions by emailing us short match or competition reports. We'll guarentee to publish them in the magazine or on our website news pages.


13. Do you want to write a regular web blog about your work that would appear on It could be serious, funny, informative (or a combination of all three). It could also be written under a pseudonym if there were things issues you wanted to raise which you'd prefer your name wasn't attached to.


14. Are you an independent school who wants to feature in our double-page Independent School Sports Focus? A discounted charge may apply to this.


15. Air your views or thoughts in our popular Letters page.