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Do you have a talented pupil, son or daughter who fancies writing a short seven-day, Monday-Sunday diary (80-100 words a day) about their sporting life both in and out of school. Email [email protected] for further details


Zoe Thomas is a pupil at Farmor’s School in Gloucestershire and a talented netball and hockey player (Nov 2020)


Jacob Brown is a pupil at Ashville College in Harrogate and a promising biathlete (Sep 2020)


Ellen Weir is a pupil at Wimbledon High School and a talented athlete (Apr 2020)


Archie Hunt is a talented footballer and pupil at Sherborne School in Dorset (Nov 2019)


Jojo Loxton is a hockey and rugby player and pupil at Notting Hill & Ealing High School (Nov 2019)


Hitchin Boys School athletics team (Sep 2019)


Grace Connelly is a keen golfer and pupil at Cowbridge Comprehensive School in south Wales (June 2019) 


Lucia Kendall is a year 10 pupil at St Swithun’s School in Winchester and a talented cricketer and footballer (Apr 2019)


Toby Leung is a pupil at Devonport High School for Boys and a member of the England junior U18 badminton team (Apr 2019)


Sophie Griffith is a year 9 pupil and talented cricketer at Godolphin and Latymer School in London (Jan 2019)


Caroline Lewitt is a year 11 pupil and a talented swimmer at Godolphin & Latymer School in London (Jan 2019)


Annabel Denton is a pupil at Plymouth College and a talented pentathlete (Nov 2018)


Stefano Mitchell is a performance swimmer and pupil at Plymouth College (Nov 2018)


Nathan Symons is a pupil at Bristol Metropolitan Academy and a promising basketball player (Sep 2018)


Tamera and Tasmin Cookman are 14-year-old twins at St Teresa’s School in Dorking, Surrey (Sep 2018)


Lilly Mould is a year 11 pupil at Priory School in Edgbaston and is on the high performance programme at Edgbaston Priory Tennis Club (June 2018)


Rosie Bartlett is a year 10 sports scholar at Truro School in Cornwall (June 2018)


Charlotte Bardsley is a pupil at Heathfield Knoll School in Kidderminster and an England U18 table tennis player (Apr 2018)


Helena Purves is a year 7 student and sports scholar at Wimbledon High School (Apr 2018)


Sophie Thompson is a year 8 pupil at Danes Hill School in Surrey (Jan 2018)


Thomas Goodchild is a year 8 pupil at Danes Hill School in Surrey (Jan 2018)


Sienna Rushton, 15, is a pupil at Oundle School who plays for England’s U19 netball team (Nov 2017)


Yasmin Austridge is a pupil at Hayes School in Bromley and an England U19 steeplechase athlete (Nov 2017)


Ben Nicol is a pupil at Fallibroome Academy in Macclesfield, Cheshire and a promising tennis player (Sep 2017)


Hester Poole is a year 5 pupil at the Paragon School in Bath and a visually-impaired competitive skier (Sep 2017)


Emily Appleton is a pupil at Guildford High School and Britain’s top ranked junior tennis player (June 2017)


Joshua Edwards is a year 13 pupil at Hayes School and a talented basketball player (June 2017)


Mia Brocklehurst is a year 8 student at South Hunsley School in East Yorkshire and a talented netballer (Apr 2017)


Matthew Lyons is a year 9 student at South Hunsley School in East Yorkshire and a keen footballer, badminton player and swimmer (Apr 2017)


Gemma Townsend is a year seven pupil at Surbiton High School and a keen hockey player, netballer, shooter and footballer (Jan 2017)


Hannah Larkin is a year 13 pupil at Hereford Cathedral School and a talented netballer and hockey player (Nov 2016)


Amy Carter is a year 10 pupil at Laurence Jackson School in Cleveland and a talented athlete (Nov 2016)


Rebecca Earl, sports scholar and talented golfer at Felsted School in Essex (Jan 2015)


Katie Curtis is a 12-year-old pupil at St Faith’s School, Cambridge and  promising cricketer, hockey player, sprinter, tennis player and netballer (Nov 2014)


Sophie Langman is a pupil at the Royal High School, Bath (Sep 2014)


Lottie Trevethan is a pupil at The Downs School, Malvern and a keen modern pentathlete (June 2014)


Hannah Hateley is a 13-year-old pupil at Weaverham High School in Cheshire and a member of the England junior orienteering team (Apr 2014)


Mollie Rouse is a 15-year-old pupil at Stratford upon Avon School and a talented footballer (Jan 2014)


Harrison King is a year 11 student at FitzWimarc School in Essex and a talented rugby player (Nov 2013)


Emily Williams is a year 8 pupil at Truro High School and a promising pentathlete, already ranked in the top ten in the UK for her age group (Sep 2013)


Sophie Pennick is a pupil at Heathfield School in Ascot (June 2013)


Grace Calam is a pupil at Sir William Ramsay School in High Wycombe and a talented hockey goalkeeper (April 2013)


Josh Dare


Josh Dare is a year 11 pupil at Kings School in Winchester and a wheelchair basketball player at school, club and regional level.




It’s the start of the mock exam week which means I have two English exams today. But my last lesson of the day is PE. Luckily for me, the rugby lesson is called off due to the bad weather so it’s basketball instead. After a warm up and a few drills we go into matches. A great way to finish the day.




Knowing that I have a busy week ahead with exams, I decide that today is my rest day. I finish my maths exam and meet with the school physiotherapist so I can go through my stretching programme. Then it’s off home for an evening of revision.




No exams today but plenty of training to catch up on. I have my second PE lesson of the week, this time in the fitness suite working on my upper body strength. I’m lucky that the school gym is wheelchair accessible so I can use all the equipment. After school I help coach at the school’s wheelchair basketball club with the younger children. It’s one of my favourite sessions of the week as I can just have a bit of fun and relax. I help some of the younger kids with their dribbling and shooting skills and then finish with a game.




I have one to one coaching after school and it’s the day of the week I don’t look forward to normally because my coach Mr Kendall makes me do so much fitness work. After the fitness session (which he says is just a warm up) we work on my movement and speed around the court. We finish with some shooting practice.




Today I have my history exam, the final one of the week. Then after school I go home to change and go straight back out to my club training with Blackhawks in Farnborough. It’s gone ten by the time I get home so straight to bed as I have an early start tomorrow.




I always look forward to the weekends as I get to focus solely on my basketball. I’m up early and then travel over to Newbury to continue with my training for the U19 league with Newbury Kings. Being one of the youngest in the age group, training is hard work, but I enjoy the chance to get one over on the older boys in the squad. Once I get back, it’s a quick shower and change then out to meet some friends.




I make the most of a chance for a lie-in and then it’s back over to Farnborough for a double training session, first for the regional U19 session at 3pm and then a general training session at 6pm. By the end of training though I’m really tired. It’s been a busy week and I will have it all to do again next week, minus a few exams.



Jacob Buckley


Jacob Buckley is a pupil at Raven’s Wood School in Bromley, Kent




Rugby at lunch time. We play small sided games of touch to try and improve our basic skills and game play. I enjoy this as I enjoy playing quick rugby like the All Blacks. Double PE after lunch which involves lots of different sports like football, volleyball and handball.  After school I have football training for my club Welling United. I play in the midfield where I can make lots of passes and runs. Football training starts at 7pm and finishes at 8.30pm.




I have basketball training for the school team at lunch time in the sports hall where we practise all of our basic skills like passing, dribbling and lay-ups. I enjoy basketball as it is very fast moving and keeps me on my toes. After school I have football training for the school football team. We usually play conditioned games where we focus on different ways of playing such as playing wide or playing quickly with only a few touches. We have a strong football team at the school and have won all of our games with our biggest victory being 12-1.




Before school I play basketball, starting at 7.20 and finishes at 8.25. We practise our basic skills and also do more game specific training.  After school, I have rugby training where we work on our contact skills like tackling and rucking. Although I play at fly half, I love tackling. Our school team is very good and we have won four out of five games so far this year.




At lunchtime, I have basketball training where we try to learn our different plays and our specific positions. After school we have football training.




At lunchtime we have football training, which is a light session as we have played the night before. Mr Beaumont makes us think about how we played the night before and how we can improve for the following game. After school, I have rugby training for the school team. This is a light session where we work on our basic passing and running with the ball skills, as we have a game on Saturday morning so don’t want to be injured.  After rugby training, I travel over to the Priory School for football training with Welling United. Here we work on game specific areas such as our structure and how we pass the ball around. This session lasts from 7pm until 8.30pm.




It’s school rugby which has a great atmosphere and we have lots of supporters watching. Afternoon and evening is spent relaxing with my friends and family.




A rugby festival for my team Old Elthamians. We travel all over Kent each week and there are lots of different teams competing.



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