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Mark Harrod banner ad 160x120 BISHOPSPORT-166x120 martin berrill web ad limitless online ad buckinghamuni online ad sep 21 issue 83 cover

Advertising Rates


Full page

1/2 page

1/4 page

1/8 page

1/16 page

Back page

Inside covers















274 X 188mm

135 x 188mm

135 x 92mm

66mm x 92mm

66mm x 44mm

216mm x 303mm

216mm x 303mm

(type area)





(with bleed)

(with bleed)

Advertising Deadline: 2 weeks prior to publication date

Pagination: 68 pages

Circulation: 6,000 Readership: 58,000 mainly ABC1



Series of 3 (each)


Publication/Copy/Artwork dates 2021/22/23

Publication/Copy/Artwork dates 2021/22/23


Sep/Oct 2021 (Published Mon Sep 6 – Last artwork/copy date Wed July 28)


Jan/Feb/Mar 2022 (Published Mon Jan 17 – Last artwork/copy date Fri Dec 17)


Apr/May 2022 (Published Mon Apr 18 – Last artwork/copy date Fri Mar 18)


Sep/Oct 2022 (Published Mon Sep 5 – Last artwork/copy date Wed July 27)


Jan/Feb/Mar 2023 (Published Mon Jan 16 – Last artwork/copy date Fri Dec 16)


Apr/May 2023 (Published Mon Apr 17 – Last artwork/copy date Fri Mar 17)




1. First-time advertisers will pay before publication or 30 days after invoice date (whichever comes first) while any further insertions will be invoiced after publication.

2. Failure to supply artwork by the advertiser by copy date will mean the Company may use its discretion to repeat existing copy or the advertisement is omitted if no such copy exists. In either case the full cost of the advertisement remains payable.

3. The Company shall not be liable for any mistakes occurring in the preparation of the advertisers’ copy by the advertiser.

4. Proofs will only be supplied if requested by the advertiser and if copy is provided at least two weeks prior to copy date.

5. Where a booking is made and the copy does not arrive by copy date the full cost of that booking is payable.

6. Series booking discounts will only apply when the series is booked in advance within a 12 month overall period and there is no cancellation by the advertiser.

7. Payment strictly 30 days from date of invoice. Invoices are dated upon publication day and date.

8. The Company reserves the right to refuse cancellations for bookings unless these are received in writing six weeks prior to copy date. Any cancellations received after such dates will have no effect and the advertisement is deemed payable in full. Website advertisers must provide the same 6 weeks notice period.

9. Series advertising which is cancelled part way through will be charged at the full rate-card rate for each advertisement insertion published and the advertiser shall immediately pay to the company such additional charges.

10. If an advertiser has not yet paid for any advertisement which forms part of

a series booking by the copy date for the next insertion the Company shall be entitled to withdraw the next and subsequent advertisements and to charge the advertiser as if cancelled.





Print Specification


Format: A4 Full Colour


Screen ruling: 150 lpi


PDF files at high res. are acceptable with all fonts turned to outlines or embedded


All other files must be supplied in CMYK at 300 dpi


An artwork service

is available for adverts.

Please call for costs