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"School Sport Magazine is the magazine for everyone involved in the marvelous, inspirational world of school sport whether it's teachers, coaches, pupils, parents or administrators.


We endeavour to encourage excellence, promote participation and celebrate competition and success. But, more importantly, we reflect what is happening every day in school sport up and down the country in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


That means talking about the people that matter - the children and teams that compete and the teachers that coach and inspire.


We report on national and regional school sporting events, cover the latest, breaking news and issues, celebrate innovation, highlight popular regular features as well as talking to sports people about their own sporting schooldays and lives.


Every week thousands of dedicated sports teachers put in dozens of hours of work inspiring hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren into the world of school sport.


Add to them the hundreds of school sport administrators and hundreds of thousands of parents who share the sporting delights of their offspring and it's welcome to the world of School Sport.


We don’t believe that competition is a dirty word. We revel in it. We celebrate sporting innovation and initiative. And we want you to share in it too.


Launched in 2004, School Sport Magazine is published in full-colour, A4 format, five times a year in September, November, January, April and June and has grown its subscriber base every month since.


For advertisers, the magazine is an ideal platform for reaching your intended audience. Distributed to schools, sports teachers, parents, pupils and school sport bodies around the country - and with a readership of more than 100,000 - aimed at those people directly involved in school sport, these are the people with the buying power to purchase your products and services."  


                                                                                -Phil Tusler, Editor